Sunday, 9 August 2015

땅거미 - Twilight Spiders?

I have to admit that the word 땅거미 confused me for the longest time. I could never wrap my head around what exactly "거미" (spider) has to do with "twilight." It turns out that there is a very simple explanation for the etymology of this word which will make it much easier to remember if, like me, you have been having a hard time connecting "spiders" and "twilight."

땅거미 can be broken into two parts: 땅 + 거미. 땅 means "earth, land," and while 거미 is spelt in exactly the same way as the word for "spider," it is in fact analyzed as follows: 검(다) + 이 (noun suffix), where 검다 means "black, dark." The word 땅거미 refers to the time of day when the sun goes down and the land grows dark, hence the meaning "twilight."

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